Don’t Waste Your Money On Creatine – Amino Acid Supplements!

Out of the thousands of bodybuilding supplements aimed at muscle building and helping you gain weight, two in particular have been around for quite some time. They would be creatine and amino acid supplements. As most already know, creatine is aimed at helping the ATP process (which provides energy to working muscles), and the resulting filling of the muscular cells, which most feel add to their overall size and mass. Amino acids are called the building blocks of protein because protein is made up of amino acids.

So, one would think that if these two supplements actually worked, and if you were to combine them, especially before an intense workout program, that it should help us stimulate more muscle building. Well, on paper, or like many of us call it, “in theory”, it sounds good and promising.

However, according to the International Journal Sport Nutrition Exercise Metabolism, that may not be the case.

Nicholas Ratamess and co-workers from the College of New Jersey found that Amino Shooter, which is a supplement that contains essential amino acids, creatine, taurine, caffeine, and glucuronolactone, provided no more benefits than maltodextrin, which is basically a carbohydrate (aka sugar) in preventing fatigue during a weight training session or influencing growth hormone or testosterone levels, two of the most important hormones directly responsible for muscle building / quality weight gain.

Interesting. Reread that last paragraph if you happened to miss the point. A nutritional supplement that many pay good money month after month in hopes at increasing their muscle mass naturally, was proven to not provide any more of an advantage than straight up sugar!

This is again just one more reason why many, like myself, are so against 99.9% of dietary supplements. As I state over and over on my website, in my eBook, my articles, blog posts, etc., do not place any of your hopes at gaining weight fast in the form of muscle on supplements. Like I always say, it all comes down to using the correct workout routine and calories…….period!