Can Water Help You Build More Muscle?

Water, without a shadow of a doubt, is the most important substance for human life, including for muscle building and weight gain purposes. As you may already know, the human body can survive for weeks on end without food, but will die within days if you don’t drink water, or if you don’t eat foods that contain water in them, such as certain fruits.

For gaining weight and building muscle mass naturally, this is no exception. Water is involved in just about every process performed by the body, including powering your workout programs, recovering, recuperating, and building the muscles. However, sometimes it’s value is exaggerated in the bodybuilding community.

Case in point is a question asked to one of the nutritional experts at Muscle and Fitness. The writer asks “I’ve read that drinking water helps burn bodyfat. Is that true?”. Now, you may be wondering to yourself right now “Hey, I’m here to learn how to gain weight and build muscle, not burn body fat fast!”. True enough. It’s not so much the question that we want to look at, but indeed the reply that the author, Chris Aceto, gives.

He replies “That info comes from studies showing that dehydrated individuals often display a mild decrease in resting metabolic rate….gulping down 2-3 gallons a day won’t help you lose fat faster than some guy gulping down half as much. Bottom line, drinking more H2O doesn’t increase metabolism….your best bet is to settle in the middle. Don’t drink too little, and don’t go overboard.”

I don’t agree with several things that Mr. Aceto believes in, but this is one of those matters that he couldn’t have been more accurate. Great article, Chris!