Who Else Wants to Gain Weight - "Bulk Up" - and Build Muscle Fast?...

"Discover How a Skinny Little Firefighter Was Able To Go From a 147 Pound Weakling To 230 Powerful, Muscular Pounds All Without Any Supplements...While Eating Any Food He Wanted To (and Eating Very Little Protein)...Absolutely No Cardio...and Working Out Less Than 3 Hours A Week!"

After finally figuring out how to gain weight and the correct path to muscle building, I took my skinny 147 pound body to a muscular 230, without using almost any of the garbage routines that are all over the internet and in magazines.  I did this all by training each muscle only 15 minutes each per workout, taking an entire month off of all weight training several times a year, training each muscle per week more than what's recommended, and no longer training for "strength".  I got FED UP with working out every day, spending all of my hard-earned money on garbage supplements, eating every 2 hours, eating a lot of protein.........without seeing any results!  After 10 years of this, I still looked like if I didn't even work out!!!!!!!


Hello, my skinny friend,

My name's JP and I’m a Firefighter / Paramedic / Haz-Mat Technician in Ohio, USA.  I’m also a Certified ACE / IAFF / IAFC Firefighter Peer Fitness Trainer.  I always struggled to gain weight or build muscle on my skinny 147 pound frame, at a height of 6 feet.  Talk about genetics.....when my father married my mother, he only weighed 140 pounds!

After I finally learned the shocking truths (that magazines and so-called experts aren't sharing) I was finally able to make my body gain weight, building over 70 pounds of muscle, putting on 5 inches on my arms in the process. My strength shot up (I'm currently curling over 185 pounds on the barbell). My body weight went from 147 pounds to 230 pounds. This allowed me to be in the top 12 out of 3000 (yes, three thousand) guys competing for one of the few positions on the Cleveland Fire Department.

You're Being Lied To By The BodyBuilding Industry

It seems that not many individuals are willing to "go against the grain".  Let's be honest, everyone deep down inside knows that these supplements aren’t doing A THING for any of us in regards to helping us skinny individuals gain muscle weight.  If what is written in all the magazines and on the internet were correct, then why on earth aren't there more people walking around that actually look like they lift weights? 

The bodybuilding industry is a "monkey see, monkey do" industry, so everyone just pretty much repeats what they heard the guy next to them say, regardless if it works or not.  Again, I speak out against anything that is taking my hard-earned money out of my pocket or wasting my valuable time WITHOUT GIVING ME ANY RESULTS IN RETURN.  I'm a Firefighter, so, and excuse me for being so blunt, I could care less about what the magazines or websites say.  If it doesn't work or won't help you gain weight, then I'm going to tell you it doesn't work.

I bet your personal experience with learning how to gain muscular weight fast, working out hours a day 5-6 days a week, eating until the point of wanting to throw up, chugging down disgusting-tasting powders and shakes, swallowing boatloads of pills, and the frustration of failure to change your skinny body, is very similar to mine:

I searched and bought all the major bodybuilding and fitness magazines, books, and videos, such as:

•    Flex
•    Iron man
•    Muscular Development
•    Muscle Media
•    Musclemag International
•    Men's Health

...and others

I put every routine in practice. After almost 10 years I still looked like I had never even picked up a weight! I tried all kinds of methods; different amounts of sets, reps, training frequencies, speeds, rest periods, and exercises. I put into practice the nutritional strategies.

And the money I spent on supplements was outrageous.

I had spent an average of $300.00 to $400.00 a month on worthless "weight gain" / "muscle building" supplements. That's about $3,600.00 to $4,800.00 a year. Multiply that by 10 years and you have a grand total of about $43,200.00 on supplements that did nothing at all for my body.  (I could have bought a Cadillac with that!)

Here is a list of some of the ones I used and that I recommend you not waste your money or hopes on either:

•    Creatine
•    Ephedra
•    Nitric Oxide, aka NO2
•    Pump-Tech
•    Ribose
•    Mega Mass 4000
•    Nortesten
•    Acetabolan
•    Cell-Tech
•    HMB
•    Cytodyne
•    Cort-Bloc
•    Triax
•    CLA
•    NAC
•    Glucosamine Chondroitin
•    Glutamine
•    Tyrosine
•    Hot Stuff
•    Methoxy
•    Myostatin
•    Cybergenics
•    Xenadrine
•    Pro-Hormones (Andro)
•    Chromium Piccolante
•    Amino Acid Pills
•    Niacin
•    GH Stack
•    Growth Hormone Boosters
•    Testosterone Boosters
•    Valerian
•    Ginkgo Biloba
•    St. John's Wart
•    Liver Tablets
•    Nerve Enhancers

...and many others

Long list, isn't it? I'm positive you've also tried some of these.  And the “kicker” for me was that I would diligently take all of these supplements, along with combining it with all the latest training techniques that were out there………….yet I had no new muscle mass or weight gain to show for it!

Finally, I learned of couple of hard lessons…

Why You Aren’t Gaining Any Weight or Muscle Mass From the Way You Train

Let’s be real honest and sincere here. 

  • How much muscle weight have you truly gained from all those countless of hours, hundreds of sets, thousands of reps, and buckets of sweat that you have lost from working out?

  • Don’t you feel that for the all the effort you invest when training to gain weight you should be a lot bigger and stronger than what you are now?

  • Look at your body now and compare it to what you looked like exactly 12 months ago.  Do you really look like you have made some tremendous gains in muscle weight and strength?

  • Do you have people coming up to you everyday asking you if you workout, if you lift weights, and how much can you lift?

  • How much progress have you honestly made in the last 12 months?

Unfortunately, if you have been training for some time now and haven’t gained the kind of weight you would like, more likely than not, one of the reasons is because you have been mislead to follow incorrect training techniques, splits, and schedules.  (I doubt you would be reading this website right now if you were truly 100% happy with your muscle weight - gain progress).

I can’t tell you how many different routines I've tried.  All of the different amounts of sets, exercises, rep ranges.  I did anywhere from 2 sets an exercise to 10.  I tried between 1 rep per set all the way to 50 reps per set.

I tried using very heavy weight, and using low weight.  I tried fast reps, and I tried super-slow reps to help me gain weight fast.  I did 1 exercise per muscle, and I tried 6 different exercises per muscle.
I used machines, cables, free weights, a Bow Flex, calisthenics, plyometrics, rubber bands, and everything else in between.

I followed professional bodybuilders’ routines.  I tried natural bodybuilders’ routines to gain weight.  I tried high volume, and low volume.

…………and no results to show for it!

The problem is that magazines and websites have all been repeating the exact same worthless routines since the beginning of time.  What is recommended only works for someone that is already a naturally larger person and has great genetics for building muscle and gaining weight (…..oh, yeah, and steroids has a lot to do with it too).
However, for someone that can’t gain weight or build muscle mass easily the routines and training philosophies will get you nowhere fast!  If what was found on the internet or magazines worked you’d be seeing millions of little “muscle men and women” walking around on the streets. 

I don’t know about you, but where I live, and everywhere that I travel to, I hardly ever see anyone that even looks like they workout…and that includes even inside training gyms and recreational centers!

Well, I’m going to tell you right now that there is a very specific number of sets, rep range, exercises, number of times to train a muscle, rest periods, etc., that is hands-down the most effective specifically for the skinny hardgainer looking to gain some serious weight and muscle mass fast. 

And guess what?  You won’t find it in any magazine or website.  None!

The Truth to How to Gain Weight & Build Muscle......That Isn't Revealed in the Magazines

Read any magazine and they all pretty much state the same thing. They recommend a certain amount of sets for a certain amount of reps, for certain exercises. They all say you must train “intensely” to gain weight fast.  Well, why is it that there are thousands of people following all of this training advice yet none of them seem to gain any real weight?

Magazines recommend very specific exercises for certain body parts, like the barbell bench press for chest and the squat for legs. Well, I did those for years........and didn't gain one inch of muscle.

They all say to train each muscle once a week. Well, I did that too, and I didn't see one bit of muscular development.

    1. And, have you ever noticed that almost all of these so-called “training” articles always seem to end with a conveniently placed recommendation to take a certain supplement?

    2. Why is it that none of the information found in magazines, on the internet, and on TV seem to live up to their claims and promises?

    3. Why doesn't your chest seem to grow, or why don't your arms seem to get bigger?
    4. Why aren't you gaining any weight or building any muscle mass?

Well, I began to do my own experimenting and also began to learn from those "average" people that had been successful in building muscle. I came upon some controversial realities. I also learned a lot when I was studying to become licensed as a Paramedic:

One of the problems with the information that is found out there is that it is all based on "THEORY".  As I learned when doing my medical studies, just because something "looks" good on paper, in a textbook, or in a lab, that doesn't mean it's what works in REAL LIFE.  Most of the people that write articles and books don't even have a good-looking body themselves!  I'm a firm believer that you must "practice what you preach".
You have to have built your own body before you can go on and try to assist others. That's like someone trying to sell you a "Get Rich Quick" program, yet they themselves are flat broke!  I went from being thin, to having enough size to be in the top 1% hired by the Fire Department.

The Unmasking of the Lies About Nutrition and Fast Weight Gain
You can pick up pretty much any magazine and read an article on what the proper nutrition is for building muscle. What's funny is the fact that they all pretty much state the exact same advice. These so-called nutritional / diet "gurus" just regurgitate or repeat what they've been reading in the other magazines. They fail to put into consideration what I call "real-world nutrition”.

Everyone seems to pretty much recommend you eat a high amount of protein, a certain amount of carbohydrates, and a certain amount of fats. They break down eating into specific "ratios" and "percentages". Some say to eat 40% of this, 30% of that, 65% of this, and so on and so on. Then, according to these diets, you must eat specific amounts of certain nutrients at certain times of the day.

Some say to train on an empty stomach. Others say to eat within 30 minutes after training. Some say to eat high carbs during the day and low at night. Some recommend you eat 1 to 1.5 grams of protein per pound of body weight.....others say more. Some say you can only eat the foods you enjoy once a week, on your so-called "cheat day" or "free day". Some say to eat 6 meals a day, others say to eat 8-10 meals a day.

Then they make it seem that if you put one piece of food that actually tastes good into your mouth you are going to instantly sabotage your bodybuilding goals. They make it seem that if you go more than 2 or 3 hours without eating protein your muscles are going to immediately shrink down to the size of raisins.

Eating has turned into an expensive, overly complex matter. However, why is it that even if you follow all of the nutritional advice given in the magazines and on TV, and you purchase all of the products recommended you still don't manage to change the appearance of your body?????? 


Well, guess what? They are all wrong.

WHAT You Eat is NOT That Important in Determining the Amount of Weight You Gain or Muscle You Build!
Before you begin to doubt the sentence you just read, take a good look at PRISONERS:

    1. Prisoners only eat 3 or 4 times a day.

    2. Prisoners have no choice as to what types of food they eat.

    3. Their meals are not very nutritious according to "popular" standards.

    4. Their meals are high in carbohydrates, and are low in protein.

    5. The little protein they eat is not the "ion-exchange" high-priced whey, and most of the time it's considered "mystery meat".

    6. Prisoners don't use any kind of supplements whatsoever.

However, prisoners are some of the most muscular, most massive, most well-defined, most powerful individuals! No doubt about it!

That alone should make it obvious that what you eat almost has no affect on your muscle building progress.

I quickly came to the realization that just because a diet "looks good on paper" it doesn't mean it's actually going to work in real life.

For many years now we have been led to believe that your muscle building /weight gain goals rely up to 80% on nutrition.

Why is that there are tons of people who eat very "clean", buy high-priced "fat free" or "low carb" foods, organic products, powders, and supplement shakes, and measure and calculate every little calorie they put into their mouths, yet they still don't LOOK good???
Think about it: who benefits the most from people buying tons of certain foods and products to follow the "popular" diets? The manufacturers and sellers of these goods. Companies are going to write all over the magazines and television that you must eat a high amount of grams of protein just to get you to go and spend $50.00 dollars on some bucket of the latest "muscle-building" protein.

They are going to tell you that you must consume a "high-glycemic / protein / creatine shake" immediately after working out to get you to go out and spend your money on their worthless powders and shake bottles.

Imagine if companies came out and told the truth about eating. They would go bankrupt, because people would no longer be fooled into buying their lousy foods and supplements.

Why Supplements Are Worthless and Why You Shouldn't Waste Any of Your Hard-Earned Money on Them

As I mentioned earlier, I have spent over $43, 200.00 on supplements, and that amount is probably in reality a lot higher. I didn't gain one ounce of muscle or any bit of strength from any of them.

Every couple of months a new supplement or an updated, "more potent", version of an existing supplement is released to the market. Every single one makes claims of being able to pack and build pounds of muscle while burning pounds of fat. And they seem to be getting more and more expensive.

Why is it that none of them seem to live up to all of the their hype???

The Truth Behind The Makers Of Supplements

Ever noticed how certain magazines seem to really "push", hype-up, promote, and run tons and tons of articles on certain supplements.  Is this a coincidence? Not at all! The fact of the matter is that the owners of these magazines are also the same ones that are developing these particular supplements. That is why they push and talk so highly of all over the pages of their magazine about these products...so they can make tons of money off of people like you and me.

Look it up in any business magazine; the supplement industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. That's why you cannot believe what these writers and authors in these magazines say about their supplements because their main goal is to “sell, sell, sell”....regardless if you actually gain any muscle, weight, or strength at all. They are about as bad as used car salesmen.

What About The Incredible Claims Made In These Articles And Ads?

“Build 35 pounds of muscle and burn 30 pounds of fat in just 4 weeks!!!!!" ...........................yeah right!

Here is a little known fact (but very important):
The FDA (Food and Drug Administration), which is the U.S. government agency in charge of regulating substances, is not under any law obligated to investigate, verify, or test any claims made by any supplement companies or if they are even safe at all.

Many of these supplements are down right dangerous!!

This means that a supplement company can make any outrageous claim it wants (in order to fool you and I into buying) and the government conducts absolutely no testing. Every couple of months you see a new pill, powder, cream, etc., being praised for its unbelievable effects on building muscle, testosterone boosting, steroid-replacement, or anti-catabolic effects. They can say whatever they please......even if they are flat out lying!

The Truth Behind the "Medical and Scientific" Studies That Supposedly Back-Up the Supplement Company Claims

On most of the ads or articles that hype supplements a "medical or scientific study" is cited. You read how a "double-blind" study on a "placebo" group and a "tested" group over a certain amount of weeks proves the claims of muscle-building by the supplement company. Guess who's paying for those tests to be conducted? That's right, the supplement companies themselves.

How do I know this? The supplement companies themselves say it, but they try to twist it by saying that "they want to ensure the effectiveness of these products and they want to 'help' bodybuilders by producing supplements that work".

You can best believe that these "scientific studies" are biased. That's like believing medical exams conducted by tobacco companies saying that nicotine is not addictive and dangerous.

If a supplement company is constantly paying "big money" to these labs and technicians to conduct these so-called "studies", these tests are going to make sure they support and make the supplement look good for selling.  Like the saying goes, "Don't bite the hand that feeds you".  Bottom line: these lab studies are biased.

How is it possible that an "all-natural" supplement claims to be as strong and effective as steroids, yet not have any of the dangerous side effects?

Every single supplement company claims that THEIR whey protein, pro-hormone, or creatine is the most effective and only one that works.  So which company then is telling the truth?  None!  They just want your wallet.

Magazines charge thousands of dollars per month to advertise in their magazines, so, of course, they want to keep selling.

Something I learned in my Paramedic studies:  Another factor they fail to tell you is the dosage of the particular ingredient that was actually used on the test subjects.  Sure, the ingredient might have shown some signs of hope, but many times it's at very high dosages, sometimes up to 10 times more than what they recommend on the label!  If you were to take the high dosage used in the studies you would have to rob a bank to afford it, with the risk of suffering some sever side-effects.

I could keep on writing of my specific personal experiences with supplements, but it would probably be longer than the Bible.

What About The Most Overlooked Key To How To Gain Weight And Getting Rid Of Your Skinny Body..........THE MIND?

The mind is what will more than likely "make or break" you. Once I finally figured out the correct training and eating techniques, I also noticed that what was in my mind "sealed" my muscle building progress.

  1. How many times has the way you "felt" mentally determined if you had an outstanding............or bad workout?

  2. How many times has how "confident" you felt about lifting a particular amount of weight for a certain exercise determined how well that set went?

  3. How many times has your mind caused you to stop a set at a certain number of reps, when in reality you could have completed another 1, 2, or 3 more reps?

  4. How many times has you "not being in the mood to train" caused you to miss a workout?

  5. How many times has you "not feeling like fixing a meal" caused you to settle for eating "whatever's around and convenient"?

  6. How many times has a "craving" caused you to "binge"?

Do you see what I'm getting at? I myself have fell victim to all of this. That's why I quickly realized that without the mind involved you will not succeed.

However, almost every single article, book, and video neglects this incredibly important piece of the muscle building puzzle.

I figured out and learned from others certain techniques that allowed me to properly focus my mind to lead me to muscle and strength gain. I was able to break them down into 10 STEPS that are easy to follow. Learning how to bring YOUR mind into the "muscle building picture" will help you get rid of your skinny body and build muscle.

Again, I went from a skinny 147 pounds (at a height of 6 feet tall), to growing to the weight of 230 pounds….that’s over 70 pounds! 
Now, it’s YOUR turn….

Like I've stated before, I spent loads of money on supplements, magazines, videos, and books, and deprived myself of eating the foods I enjoy for almost 10 years, which got me nowhere. I finally was able to expose the truths that allowed me to gain muscle weight, strength, confidence, self-esteem, and a body I was proud of showing off.

It also led me to becoming an Ohio Firefighter......all:
  • without supplements

  • working out less than 2.5 hours a week

  • buying everything from the local grocery store (NOT some expensive supplement store)

  • I achieved this without sacrificing the precious time I spend with my wife, family, friends, career, etc.

I have had friends and fellow Firefighters ask me to help them build strength and get rid of their skinny bodies also.  I knew that there were tons of others who have gone through the exact same frustration and loss of money on bad advice as I did.

I got tired of seeing supplement companies rob working people of their hard-earned money, because it happened to me. I knew that if a skinny, weak, average-genetics individual like me was able to gain weight, build muscle, and strength, many others could do it also. 

So, I decided to write a very detailed, step-by-step manual that explains every-single-thing I did to build muscle and strength. It explains in great detail how I went from weighing 147 pounds to weighing 230 pounds, adding 5 inches to my arms, and increasing tremendously my strength. This program is written with the needs and concerns of the average, skinny, hard-working, busy, full of personal responsibilities, hardgainer person in mind.

Here is a list of some of the topics and questions that explain the many techniques, truths, and strategies that I have uncovered
in my manual:

  • The concept of increasing “muscle capacity”  (page 5)

  • How your nervous system determines whether you just get strong, or whether you get big AND strong  (page 6)

  • The 6 Major Muscle Building Factors  (page 7)

  • To increase the size of the muscle, do I have to go to failure?  (page 7)

  •  How to tap into “untouched and untrained” muscle fibers  (page 7)

  • Is getting a good muscle pump necessary for building muscular size?  (page 8)

  • How many sets it takes to cause the greatest muscular “growth spurt”  (page 10)

  • Which set is the ONLY growth-producing set when training  (page 11)

  • How many reps a set it takes to work completely a muscle  (page 12)

  • The BEST training technique I have ever discovered to use during a set that produces the quickest muscular development WHILE allowing to cut my training time to 1/5th of what it used to be  (page 14)

  • The “Heavy Weights for High Reps” concept  (page 14)

  • How fast to perform each rep to induce the most tension in a working muscle  (page 15)

  • How the amount of reps affect muscle strength, growth, and endurance  (page 18)

  • Aren't high reps for getting you "cut and defined" and "shaping" the muscle, and not for building size?  (page 19)

  • Are low reps for building mass?  (page 19)

  • If “partials, negatives, and forced reps” are worth doing  (page 20)

  • How long should I pause in between each rep?  (page 21)

  • What if you're an "advanced" trainer, should you use more sets or exercises?  (page 21)

  • How many times a week should I train the same muscle (…and it’s NOT once a week)?  (page 22)

  • The 4 Stages of Muscle Building  (page 24)

  • How do I group up my workouts and on what days should I work out?  (page 24)

  • The best training split (ways to group up your workouts) that gives you most amount of training and recovery (“the best of both worlds”)  (page 25)

  • How long to rest between muscle groups while working out  (page 27)

  • How often and when to take a break from training (you'll be blown away by how often and how much rest from weight lifting you should be taking!)  (page 27)

  • The best way to warm up a muscle to prepare it for the “real set”  (page 28)

  • Whether you should stretch or not  (page 28)

  • How much weight do I use per exercise?  (page 29)

  • When to increase the weight (what gauge to use)  (page 29)

  • Why you should only do 1 exercise per muscle per workout, but how to rotate them for full development  (page 31)

  • Should I do "compound" or "isolation" exercises?  (page 36)

  • Should I use barbells or dumbbells?  (page 37)

  • Which are better.....machines, cables, or free weights?  (page 38)

  • List of some exercises to perform per muscle  (page 39)

  • How to know when it’s time to “drop” an exercise from your routine and pick a new one  (page 41)

  • But won’t doing the same exercises for months and months without changing cause me to plateau?  Don’t I have to keep “tricking”, “shock”, and “keep off guard” my muscles so that I continue to grow?  (page 42)

  • Should I join a gym or train at home?  (page 43)

  • How to perform each exericise  (page 44)

  • Why you SHOULDN’T perform an exercise with super strict form  (page 51)

  • The 5 Keys to Avoiding Injury  (page 53)

  • Should I use different grips?  (page 53)

  • Should I use a waist belt for support?  (page 54)

  • Why you have to keep your workouts to under 1 hour  (page 55)

  • The moment of the day to never train at  (page 57)

  • Do you have to  feel sore to know if you had a good workout?  (page 58)

  • How to train a “stubborn / lagging” body part  (page 59)

  • The major, major importance of The Training Log  (page 60)

  • Why WHAT you eat isn’t what’s important (…and what IS)  (page 62)

  • The brutal truth about protein (…I guarantee you that you aren’t going to read this ANYWHERE ELSE!)  (page 63)

  • The # 1 proof that a high protein diet is NOT necessary  (page 65)

  • Will being a vegetarian affect my ability to gain muscle?  (page 66)

  • Should I worry about whether I eat "complex" or "simple" carbs?  (page 67)

  • The real deal with saturated fats  (page 68)

  • The biggest and most dangerous enemy in foods today (…and, no, it’s not carbs, sugars, or anything like that)  (page 68)

  • The most important eating factor, by far, in finally getting rid of your skinny body forever  (page 69)

  • Should I purchase "nutritional shakes" to help me get my calories?  (page 70)

  • How much food you need to eat to GROW  (page 71)

  • Links to websites that tell you the calorie amounts of some of your favorite foods and restaurant items  (page 71)

  • A simple and quick method to use on those few occasions when you don’t know how many calories are in a particular food  (page 72)

  • One of the most important concepts that you MUST understand and realize if you are ever to convert your physique from skinny to muscular (…by far, one of the most important truths in this manual and what NO ONE realizes, even though it’s right in front of their faces!)  (page 74)

  • Why it is a major myth that you can gain muscle and lose fat at the same time  (page 79)

  • What if I don't have the appetite to eat that amount of food?  (page 80)

  • Why you need to eat a different amount of calories on non-training days and how much  (page 81)

  • In what manner to adjust your calorie level whenever you switch from gaining muscle to burning fat (and vice versa)  (page 82)

  • How many meals to eat per day and when  (page 82)

  • “Pre-Planning” and how to do it  (page 87)

  • Metabolism, vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants  (page 88)

  • The real story to how much water you should drink  (page 89)

  • Why the RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) is worthless  (page 91)

  • Why the Glycemic Index (GI) is nothing but garbage  (page 91)

  • Fast Food and Restaurant eating  (page 91)

  • Training for fat burning and the # 1 mistake EVERYONE makes  (page 92)

  • What type of calories get burned depending on the intensity  (page 96)

  • How to determine your Maximum Heart Rate  (page 96)

  • The best moments to perform cardio for maximum fat burn  (page 99)

  • How to track your progress (not just strength, but mainly muscle weight gain) and how / when to make adjustments (VERY IMPORTANT!!)  (page 101)

  • The 3 “tools” that you must use to track your growth (involving certain “readings” and “measurements” of your body)  (page 102)

  • Bringing your “mind” / “mental attitude” into the muscle weight gaining-picture  (page 107)

  • The 10 Steps to Mastering the Mind  (page 108)

  • Samples of meals  (page 109)

  • A blank Workout Log that you can use  (page 112)

  • One of my sample Workout Logs  (page 113)

  • A blank muscle part Measurement Log  (page 114)

That's not all:
I explain why you actually need to take a month off from all weight training several times a year.....and build more muscle because of it!

I detail what I call Phase 1 and Phase 2 training, which I call the "stunning jab" and the "knock out blow" that's to be done to each muscle every time you train it, that will start a chain reaction of all of the muscle building factors required to set into motion.  (And no, lifting heavy or training for strength is NOT one of them!!!).  I actually reveal why training for strength is completely wrong.

Also, why it only takes 15 minutes per muscle per workout to get the job done.

In addition, why one of the biggest mistakes you can make is to train a muscle "once per week".

Yet more.....the very important "over-providing" mode when it comes to calorie manipulation that allows you to actually build muscle and burn fat at the same time (instead of that whole "bulking" phase where you put on a bunch of fat to then have to switch over to a "diet" phase that will require a year-long attempt at getting rid of all the flab you gain while thinking you were gaining muscle.

As you can see for yourself from this list (which I included the exact page number where you can find every particular piece of information), this 120 page eBook (electronic book) is packed with information on every single page

I don’t do like other individuals that have books.  They fill up their pages with a bunch of “filler” material.  Not me.  You aren't going to find a bunch of beautiful, glossy little pictures on every single page.  I don't fill up dozens of pages with pictures of how to do certain exercises.  And you aren't going to find fancy, colorful borders and the like in this eBook.  This eBook is nothing but pure muscle building / weight gaining information.  “Meat and Potatoes”!  It ain't pretty, but it'll get you big!!!

bodybuilding routine

But Don't Just Listen To What I Have To Say.  Read What Many Others Said About My eBook "From Skinny To Muscular!"...

"...I've gained 20 lbs. in the first month of training..."

My 15 year old son even made progress but he only started

for 2 1/2 weeks and he gained 10 pounds of muscle..."

"I started the program in full a little over 2 weeks ago, I actually changed my
eating habits 2 weeks in advance of starting the workouts.  Since starting my workout schedule I have gained 11 lbs. in 2 weeks, mostly in muscle on my chest, arms, shoulders and back.......This is a big change for me, and tells me I might just be on the right track to see some significant gains."

Steven Church, Arizona, U.S.A.

update from Steven Church-------------------

"Hello ,                                   

a quick note to let you know that I've gained 20 lbs. in the first month of training."
"I enjoyed your ebook a whole lot.The things that caught my attention the most was basically the whole ebook, but mainly the fact that the creator of the ebook used 2 be a skinny person himself and now put on a lot of muscle weight which mainly motivated me to try this whole program out.

The most eye-catching information about this is the dieting because before I thought you had to be very strict when it comes to dieting but now after I read it throughly,it seemed really simple and easy 2 follow and you dont even have to make a diet all you have to do is eat the amount of calories you need everyday.

I made great progress so far,i was on the program for 5 weeks and i gained 25 pounds of muscle all on my chest,back,arms, and shoulders,and i put muscle on my legs too without

even lifting weights.

My 15 year old son even made progress but he only started

for 2 1/2 weeks and he gained 10 pounds of muscle.Our motivation skyrocketed which made us want 2 continue for further muscle gaines.

I never tried supplements before but im glad i never did because i would've been wasting a lot of my time and money.

Im glad i could contact you with any of my questions because you return them promptly and fix the problem. Im glad I found this program because for years I wasnt sure about how to train and diet."


"...when i first started reading your ebook my eyes instantly were glued to the computer screen, i think the way u explain and tell things in the book it's in such away that it didnt feel like i was reading a book it was like u yourself was actualy talking to me..."

u talk about real life


johnathan u cracked it i cant believe i didnt realise!..."

ur book should be in all the shops not dumb bill philips!..."

you dont need to change your book any way (that is if u was thinkin of doing that) uve wrote it perfect!..."

Shiam Popat

update from Shiam Popat---------------------

"hey , first of all i would like please say dont change the stlyle in the way u wrote your book in any way!!!!

when i first started reading your ebook my eyes instantly were glued to the computer screen, i think the way u explain and tell things in the book it's in such away that it didnt feel like i was reading a book it was like u yourself was actualy talking to me,
it might sound weird but i hope you know what i mean. 

What really cought my attention was when u talk about real life
examples like the prisoners.  Before i read your book i used to really worry about over training i neva used to do the same muscle freaquently enough, also i never used to train more than 3 times a week i think this is a big reason why i wasnt lean at all becouse now ive started your program i train every day for about 50 minutes and my fat has just started flying off like mad!!!!!

before wheneva i used to weight train and put on some size would then wanna be lean so i would start running on the treadmill and loose my size, i did this in cycles evertime i put on some size ide loose it by doing cardio.  I USED TO THINK IT WAS BECAUSE I WASNT HAVEING ENOUGH PROTEIN!!! i used to get so  frustrated!!!!

But u johnathan u cracked it i cant believe i didnt realise!!! i think this is a big problem with alot of guys i used to know a group of big guys at the local gim that used to train together but geuss wat they aint big know more because they thought that it was time  for them to get cut up so they were running on the treadmill for hours on end and they
all ended up loosing there muscle!!

thank bill philips, body for life for all the mistakes i made. he's a con.......because of his silly ideas that made me loose my size!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i wish i never bought body for life!!!

ur book   should be in all the shops not dumb bill philips!

As for the part about supplements i used to have loads of them when i read on your website that they dont work i was thinking to myself this cant be true. i didnt want to believe it because ive spent so much money on them in past. this is one the big reasons why i wanted to read your book cause at the end of day i new that if i buy your book
and read and undersood why supplement dont work then i would be saveing my self money in long term!!!

and i do truely beleive now that they dont work cause like u said look at real life examples.  prisoners dont get high protein shakes, creatine or hmb, and alot of them men are massive!!!!!!!!!!

Any way  THANK YOU for haveing the time to read my comments, keep up the good work and honestly  you dont need to change your book any way (that is if u was thinkin of doing that) uve wrote it perfect!"


in my two weeks of doing it I have seen a
noticeable difference especially on my bicep (3/4 of inch)..."
"....., I have now been trying your style of fitness
for two weeks and so far this is the best fitness workout I
have ever done or even read about.  I have not been doing it
to long however in my two weeks of doing it I have seen a
noticeable difference especially on my bicep (3/4 of inch).  
In the first part of my e-mail I just wanted to thank you for
creating this workout and also making it available for others."




I wish I could have read this book
about 10 years ago..."

Hopefully many others will realize this is best source of nutrition and training they are going to find. I certainly think it is..."

Your eBook and newsletters are the best source of bodybuilding advice that exists for us average guys..."

hands-down the most effective way towards achieving the body I've been working for..."

I honestly can't believe

the progress I made in such a short period of time..."
"I wanted to write and say how much I enjoyed reading the ebook
yesterday, it is awesome!  I wish I could have read this book
about 10 years ago. It has finally put to rest every question I
had concerning proper training and nutrition for muscle growth.
The explanation of rep ranges and how they produce (or don't produce) muscle growth is priceless. I have wasted so much time with Heavy Duty, Max-OT, POF type workouts that did not produce the results I expected, but left me feeling wiped out from all the gut-busting effort that was supposedly necessary to force muscles to grow.

Also, the cycling of sets and rest periods, within a structured format, to prevent the body from adapting to the workouts instead of attempting to increase the weight by a few pounds whenever possible, or throwing in a drop-set or superset here or there, makes this system's approach something I can follow from here on out!

No more time wasted reading various magazines trying to figure out a way to cycle my workouts, what intensity techniques I should use.... etc., etc., etc.

The nutritional information is also outstanding, especially with
regards to protein intake from both a frequency and consumption
perspective. The explanation of how amino acids can be obtained
from sources other than protein to facilitate muscle repair and
growth was the most significant thing I have ever read concerning bodybuilding nutrition.

I was definitely shocked at how little protein needs to be consumed on a daily basis. Secondly, that it is not necessary to eat some protein

every 2-3 hours to maintain an anabolic state goes against everything
the magazines and supplement companies have preached for so long.

It will be a such a relief to be able to go places without worrying

about having to eat some protein every couple hours, or else I'll start losing precious muscle tissue by the minute (what a joke!!!). Everything from water consumption to calorie adjustments are all explained very clearly and logically.
I am definitely ready to start following the guidelines you have
established after taking a couple weeks off to allow my worn-out body
to recuperate. I knew there had to be a better way to approach obtaining a muscular body without having to follow such rigid and unnecessary training and nutritional practices. I thank God that I found your web-site.

Developing a strong muscular body should be a healthy and enjoyable

endeavor that requires a certain degree of discipline, not something
that needs to become an obsession in order to make worthwhile progress.

You have provided so much valuable information that it makes reading other articles and magazines obsolete. I am trying to decide whether or not to renew my subscription to Muscle and Fitness and Ironman (just for the pictures, and to laugh at all the useless articles), but why waste the money.

Thanks again for making this book available, I believe it will the best money I ever spent towards physical improvement (not to mention the money saved), and I look forward to reading any future newsletters you send.

can't wait to finally start making some real progress, I will
definitely tell anyone who asks where to find the best bodybuilding info
God Bless,"

Jim Ellcessor, Ohio, USA

update from Jim-------------------------------
"Hi ,

I hope everything is going well with you!
I wanted to give you an update now that I've been using your training
system for over a month now, and all I can say is THANK YOU!

eBook and newsletters are the best source of bodybuilding advice that exists for us average guys. Everything you said about training and nutrition has proven to be hands-down the most effective way towards achieving the body I've been working for (somewhat unsuccessfully),during the past 10 years or so.  
By eating a variety a healthy foods......and following the sets,
repetitions and rest intervals you outlined, I honestly can't believe
the progress I made in such a short period of time!

Every bodypart is starting to become better developed and more defined.  My shirts are getting tighter through the chest, shoulders and arms, and I've had to pull my belt another notch tighter. My legs are getting such a tremendous pump from the higher reps that it almost feels like they are going to explode...

You know, I always wondered how movie stars could get into such good shape for a specific role in a reasonably short amount of time. If they are not taking steroids, or whatever, they must be working out on a program similar to yours.

When I trained with Heavy Duty and POF, I pushed the intensity level
so much with all of the pre-exhaust, dropset and static contraction stuff,
that I couldn't work out for more than a few weeks without feeling wiped
out. Then I tried MAX-OT and other various strength training routines,
focusing on lifting heavier weight for lower reps and long rest periods.
The results were exactly as you explained in your eBook and the
newsletter 'The Size and Strength Clash'. I think that the only size gain
I had been experiencing lately was my tendons and ligaments swelling
up from the excessive amount of weight they were trying to handle,
because my muscles certainly weren't getting much bigger.

 I am thankful to God that I didn't get a hernia!. There were some days though, when I actually looked and felt weaker (especially my arms), which I was beginning to realize was a result of overstressing the nervous system on a continuous basis.

With a new perspective on bodybuilding and a great training system, I now look forward to each workout, yes, even leg training, and I will never go back to the way I used to train. Seeing the results of such productive training without feeling totally exhausted is just awesome!
.....now rarely feel bloated or sluggish like I did when I was gulping down those protein shakes.

Thank you again for the newsletters, they are quite inspirational, and continue to reinforce the concepts that you have laid out in your book.
 I read them and various sections of your book a couple times a week to keep instilling the various training and nutrition concepts into my mind. Please keep the newsletters coming!!!

Take care , and know that God watches over you and the other firefighters that risk their lives for us each day!  
Also, continued success with your web-site, you certainly deserve it.
Hopefully many others will realize this is best source of nutrition and training they are going to find. I certainly think it is.
God Bless you and your family,"

What grabbed my attention was that your ideas goes against everything, I mean everything (including Arnold, Weider), I've read..."

Its like you exposed the biggest fitness scandal.  I loved that..."
"...The nutrition part blew me away and it made counting calories easier..."

I actually get to enjoy my meals now..."

"I liked that the book was easy to read and went right to the point which
is good.  I just wanted to get to the hard core information and not get
bogged down by all the technical stuff.  Most books try to impress you  
by adding "fillers" with alot of textbook information.  I suppose this
makes them sound smarter and maybe hides the fact that its all theory
and not tested.

What grabbed my attention was that your ideas goes against everything, I mean everything(including Arnold, Weider), I've read.  I bought alot of books, including ebooks such as one from Brad Callen, Tom Venuto, Francesco Castano.   
In my mind I was thinking "This guy's idea is whacked, whats he thinking????" but then I thought, it sounds crazy enough to work.  It sort of hits you and it all makes sense when you explain it with real life examples. 

Here I am for over 10 years following everything the gurus told me to do and although I gained some mass, I also gained a lot of fat.   I was just sick of hearing advice from guys who never tried it themselves or who were gifted physically to begin with.  Its refreshing to know that your an average joe. 

Your techniques seems odd at first, thats because we were conditioned to think for years that what we knew was the only way to get muscles.  Its like you exposed the biggest fitness scandal.  I loved that.

But I can say that for sure its a routine that I can be consistent with
because its so simple.  The nutrition part blew me away and it made counting calories easier. 

I actually get to enjoy my meals now!!!  No more looking at the clock to see if I have to eat.  No more weighing everything.  It saves alot of time not having to think about carbs, protiens, fats.  I can now focus

on just working out.

I like that you don't have to buy supplements on your program.  I m not
a big fan of them either.  Price and effectivness are the main reasons,
and they sure don't taste good.   I think its a good selling point, knowing
that we don't need to spend more money as it is..

Oh yeah, email contact was the main reason I purchased.  I bought a lot of books and I've always wanted to contact the author after reading for clarification. Its like having a personal trainer for life.  Although I
consider myself pretty knowledgeable about fitness, I know that when I
progress into the 2nd, 3rd week of the program Im going to
have more questions for you that might not be found in the book.  Its a
peace of mind to know that when I do, that you will answer them personally.

Sichan, California, USA


"...KABOOM!!....Brother, that one word describes my experience so far with your amazing program. You have opened the flood gates..."
"...I was too busy growing..."

amazing looks and comments from friends and coworkers..."

I have gotten reactions from people who just
 can't believe the transformation I am going through.  Talk about a ego booster..."
"Hello ,
Just let me repeat my subject line again...KABOOM!!.

Brother,  that one word describes my experience so far with your amazing program. You have opened the flood gates.  
I was too busy growing.
I have learnt lots of new things from you and got confirmation on things that I  had already discovered on my own, but didn't fully understand how to use it best...

such as how calories and muscle development relate.  I also understood how high reps with manageable weight produced better muscle growth.  

But what impressed me most was your program for managing the reps and sets so that it produces it's  best effect.
I must admit that I have not always been able to follow the program to the "T" but even so my growth has been phenomenal,  I know what you're saying  "IMAGINE THE POSSIBILITIES".  I'll do better.

I have also not done any measuring and rely only on the mirror and amazing looks and comments from friends and coworkers.  Somehow this works for me psychologically  as I've imagined a body that I want and am just working toward it since I know that
growth is happening. 

,.. I have gotten reactions from people who just
 can't believe the transformation I am going through.  Talk about a ego booster and every reason to keep going. 

I have never maintained any exercise program as long as this, as I usually would get discouraged when I didn't notice any changes.

This program has produced changes immediately from the start and that's enough to keep me going.   
I actually restarted my exercise program on April 1 of this year, after a short hospital stay in August of 2003.  This was due to over exercising along with  poor hydration/nutrition and use of creatine.  The short of it is that I almost damaged my kidneys as I was dumping myoglobin due to muscle damage and poor  nutrition.   The day I was admitted my urine was as dark as root beer.!!!

The doctor  told me that my general good health helped me to recover without major problems.  I was fortunate. They were actually surprised at my ambulatory condition on admission especially after tests came back showing my CPK levels at 16,000!!  A level that should be below 200.  I learnt a lot from the doctors and promised myself that I wasn't
 going down that path again.  

After restarting my exercise program 8 months later, and deciding not to use any supplements this time around and doing a better job with nutrition, I got on-line and searched for natural body building techniques and that's how I found you........KABOOM
Thanks brother. I'll keep in touch."

Patrick Bolt, via email


I have thus far gained 3/4 " on my biceps. 3" on my chest and 2" on my thighs. I have never been able to gain such numbers before..."
"Hey ,
Well, I am on the final week of the six week cycle. I am so pleased to tell you that I have thus far gained 3/4 " on my biceps. 3" on my chest and 2" on my thighs. I have never been able to gain such numbers before.

I am one satisfied customer.    
I thank you so much."

Michael Durham, via email


"...im now up to 218lbs on tips from your program..."

"if is was just about protein shakes and calories everyone in the gym would be buff. 

ok back to question.....i feel like a new man, the drop in protein ( i always felt sluggish  with 240g of protein a day but i just believed in the hype) and walking has me feeling fantastic and your knowledge is just French.
thanks for breathing life into my workouts."

Robert, Wisconsin, U.S.A.
update from Robert----------------------------

"hello. just letting you know im now up to 218lbs on tips from your program.........
It was your bit on saturated fats not being the enemy that lead me to the idea.i feel good. i just never combine lots of carbs with fats. anyways thanks for the tips."


"...I added almost an inch to by arms in 2 weeks. Thats friggin unbelievable if you ask me!..."

"Its Pete here. I just wanted to thank you for your book and for your support. With your  help, I added almost an inch to by arms in 2 weeks. Thats friggin unbelievable if
you ask me!! Thank you very much!"

Pete, via email

"...I wish I could have run across this e-book before I started training to save myself the trouble..."

unbiased and honest like the way things should be done..."
"I enjoy the e-book very much and it has been very very helpful.  What I
found most helpful is the info on nutrition, I knew deep down that it would
be impossible and very expensive to buy the amount of food and
supplementation as the muscle magazines prescribed.  Yet  I am currently recovering from the effects of the "250 grams of protein daily, 5000 calorie daily diet"  in which along with muscle, gained an immense amount of fat.

am big on motivation, but short on knowledge and nieve to what a magazine would tell me.  I'm going to spend more time ridding myself of this fat than I did putting on all this weight.

I wish I could have run across this e-book before I started training to save myself the trouble.  I'm currently using your fat loss technique to see what my true muscular weight would be.  It's taken me time to realize it's better to be muscular than big, and that's what I know this e-book will help me achieve.

The training section is also very beneficial,  I was killing myself training,
squatting 350 for reps and dreading my training.  I would quit training in
cycles due to the emotional and physical stress that heavy training was doing to me.  I can see how that trains your nervous system more than your muscles after reading your book.  I never felt my target muscles performing the work under that much stress.  Lifting for higher reps
and producing the pump has put the fun back into lifting for me.

It's great to know that you don't have to spend a massive amount of money on supplements and such to build muscle.  I would feel guilty spending 600-800 dollars a month on food when there are people starving in other countries.

The only thing that seperates amateur bodybuilder from professional

bodybuilder is the amount of drugs and illegal growth hormone that
individual is putting into their body.  I hate to know that young kids
reading these magazines think that hard work will produce that physique.  It's a crime by that industry and would love to see all the drugs honestly taken out of those contests.

I try to educate people about these issues just like yourself because i've
tried the eating and training methods that don't work.  People are very stubborn and want to try all these magazine type programs that keep people frustrated and taking their money. 

Thanks so much for being around to help people out,

unbiased and honest like the way things should be done!!!
Thanks again."

James Mattews, Mississippi, USA

"...you actually care about your clients..."

My body just isn't getting big anymore, it's
getting more definition at the same time..."

"Hey John,

I was surprised the last time I wrote you an e-mail, you responded within the same day! That really does show me that you actually care about your clients ( or whatever we are ).

At first I was a little skeptical because your site seemed to be much like other sites that promote weight gain theories. I wasn't sure if the feedback letters and e-mails posted on your site were actually true, but then I saw MY e-mail posted on your site.

I was very glad, and it showed me that all the e-mails posted on your site are in fact, real e-mails from buyers, consumers etc. It only re-inforced my opinion.

I'm still taking your advice on weight gain also, another 2 pounds,

it's starting to show now. My body just isn't getting big anymore, it's
getting more definition at the same time.

Thanks again, take care

I'll keep you updated on my progress"
Michael S., via email


  "...i can't believe this!..."

I know I used muscle fibers yesterday that I've never used before..."

it's different..."

you include your story. Your story is honest, believable and not overhyped..."

I wouldn't change a thing if I was you..."

"I'm 40 years old and have lifted since I was 16, mostly very heavy strength stuff. I got very strong, but didn't have the development I wanted, and the last few years, my shoulder joints have been killing me.  They'd be fine after some rest, but once my bench got over 315 for reps, I'd have to stop.

Your program sounded pretty good.

Anyway, I did my first workout yesterday. benches started with 155. 
I only probably rested about 30 seconds between sets, so I really had to reduce the weight in between sets. 

My shoulders and triceps both got very pumped,
as well as my chest, when I benched. so I didn't do any shoulder or tri exercises.
I definitely didn't need to.

I am more frickin sore than I have ever been in my life!

i can't believe this! I think I've learned that lifting heavy didn't mean that my muscles were in "condition". I know I used muscle fibers yesterday that I've never used before. I'm looking forward to continuing this.  I just wanted to thank you for your book, and be careful at work my man."

Greg,  Vice Detective

update from Greg------------------------------

"It's not an "insider" book. You're not associated with or recommending any supplement company,  magazine, etc. It's all about your workout.

Second, it's different. Everything else is basically the same.

They try to convince you it's different before you buy it, but it ends up being the same old stuff.  The same stuff that hasn't worked much for me for 20+ years won't start working for me tomorrow.

Third, you include your story. Your story is honest, believable and not overhyped.  You don't have pictures of overinflated steroid goons and try to convince people they will look like that.

I also love the fact that I don't have to lift joint killing weights any more.

For someone who used to bench with 315, it's amazing how my 3rd set of benches with about 75 lbs (I rest just long enough between sets to change weight) just torches my chest, shoulders, and tris.

I wouldn't change a thing if I was you. I still read it a couple times a week just  for motivation. I even bought a weight room for my basement to make sure I
can work out often enough."


I see my muscles bulge..."

After reading your e-book, I understood how pointless my previous workouts were.  I got better results in two weeks following your advise compared to a whole month's worth of workout I did before..."

"I am....and....am always looking forward to my workouts.  After about 30 minutes of workout, I look at the mirror. I see my muscles bulge.  Especially my chest and biceps.  I feel good getting pumped.

I tried working out before I got your e-book.

After reading your e-book, I understood how pointless my previous workouts were.  I got better results in two weeks following your advise compared to a whole month's worth of workout I did before.  And I used to workout for two hours!

I did see guys at the gym who can lift heavy weights but didn't have big bodies. Another thing I love is this communication I have with you.  I always feel welcome to ask and you reply very promptly.  Considering that you set a time to read and reply e-mails from your "students" is really great.  And the replies aren't

vague that it needs a follow up question."

Ronnie San, Japan


just like a guy telling another guy in the gymnasium , brash, to the point..."

it's going to be my training system for life..."

It feels like you really are interested in helping others..."

my arms are getting bigger
and the chest more defined..."
"You sound like a good person, I liked it as it was not too technical, just like a guy telling another guy in the gymnasium , brash, to the point. There was no confusing literature or descriptions of muscle fibres etc.

I'm sure I have lost some fat , I've been training that way for 3 weeks or so.  My muscles look more defined.  I am sure

it's going to be my training system for life. I dread it, but love it at the same time, but man are you pumped after , the sweat, the pump, that's what I'm talking about man.
It feels like you really are interested in helping others"

John Lelli

update from John Lelli-------------------------

"...its getting better , I am barely doing cardio (just walking) and I am losing more fat, my arms are getting bigger

and the chest more defined.......my chest and triceps were 110 per cent pumped......love it..."

" I'm feeling better than I have in a long time.  As for any weight gain, the scale has me at about 4 lbs higher than when I started.   Your program feels good ."

A.J.,  Tactical Aeromedical Evacualtion Nurse in the Air Force


I'm already seeing an increase in my arms and chest..."

Tell all the older guys this is the  way to go..."

"Thanks a lot for your course.  For the first time in quiet some time I once again feel  that wonderful feeling of a full tight muscle pump. I've started slow but I'm already seeing an increase in my arms and chest.

I just figured at 56 I would have to settle for just being lucky enough to stay in shape and do without muscle gains.  Now with your help I'm feeling a good pump and am slowly growing.  The pump I get is

great and I come away feeling winded but not jittery and weak.

Your system will work for anyone.  I'm really glad I gave it chance.  Tell all the older guys this is the 
way to go to get that 20 year old pump and burn.  
Thanks  again."
Doug Pate


I've been following your details for a week now and ive
have started to notice gains!..."

The information you provide is so different from all of the other information i have read which makes this program so unique..."

This one bit of information changed my whole view on nutrition..."

"Hi , It's aaron,.

 I've been following your details for a week now and ive

have started to notice gains! i have measured myself and i have gained  1/2 inch on  my arms, bout 1/2 to an inch on my chest......

ive measured my fat levels and the gains i have seen are mostly muscle. my arms  feel firmer which is good and i am now starting my second week. i wasnt going  to base my gains on weight but i have gained 2lbs this week which i am pleased

Aaron Osborn

update from Aaron Osborn--------------------

" Hi ,

I thought your e-book is great! The information you provide is so different from all of the other information i have read which makes this program so unique.

The main part of the e-book that interested the most was the part on

nutrition, as it i have always found this the difficult part to put into practice as bodybuilding sites say you NEED to eat every 3 hours, and it is essential for protein to be in every meal; and also the amount of protein needed to build muscles, which they said was at leat 1 gram of protein for each pound of your bodyweight, but you have said al that is needed is 60g of protein. This one bit of information changed my whole view on nutrition.

You also said that you can eat quality food for calories which broadened what i was allowed to eat. It was this main information that pushed me to follow the program. I was happy with training and now i was happy with nutrition.

Another bit i liked which helped me to know whether i had been working out properly were the 3 main indictors. Sometimes before i read your book i would finish a workout and not really feel the 'pump' but because i follwed what had been said i thought i had worked out but in fact i hadnt, so that was another helpful piece of information.

Knowing that im saving money on supplements is great, and that i can achieve amazing results without them makes me feel alot better.

The fact that i can contact  you any time with any questions, and you reply so quickly really helps, and knowing that you actually care about how we are doing keeps me motivated,

as you are the only one tht knows i am doing this program.

Thanks for your help so far"


Diet:  you are bang on..."
"Hello Mr. , ........the eBook was
interesting and insightful, and I was glad to realize that you were honest, not  just peddling some nonsense..........

(1) I was very interested to read about the idea that weight training once a week just won't cut it usually.  After having read a lot of hard-gainer stuff, which often  recommends training each body part once a week or less, I was motivated to look further into this idea after reading your book. 

Truth is, lots of weightlifters (Olympic), oldtime and recent, train a lift several times a week, if not several times a day!! One person I saw suggested that in the 40's and 50's the best overhead pressers

 trained the press 3-5 times a week for many heavy, low-rep sets.  They got better quickly by practicing the lift a lot, before steroids were around.  I realize as a slim person, I may need to work
some muscles more often....................

(3) Diet:  you are bang on, I don't believe it requires excessive amounts of protein or other supplements to grow, and glad to hear it from you.  Like you say, many  people grew on relatively "poor" diets."

(Note: using his own technique with reps and sets, along with other aspects found in the  eBook, look at some of the progress he's made:--------------------------------------)

"after reading your eBook, partially in response, I started using my set of dumbells on off days between gym days.  All I do is clean and press.  One month ago, or so, I started using 35 lbs each to do sets of 4-5 with at least 3 minutes in between.  I do this  3-5 days a week. (dumbell press is harder than barbell, can't use so much weight,

but better for the shoulders).  Within a month of this, I can now use 50lb dumbells for many sets of 3 with long rests.

Yesterday I did 11 sets!! 11 sets of 3 is 33 reps times 100 lbs total is 3300 lbs!! Pretty good volume............

I stopped shovelling protein in, and in one month I gained 3-4 lbs of solid muscle!! 
I went from 154 to 158.   And got a lot stronger, couldn't even press 45 lb dumbells when I started, now I can do 55s once."

D.A. Lorne, Ontario, Canada

"...I gained weight so quickly..."

"I found that it sure helped me a lot, I gained weight so quickly.  I felt very disapointed of myself, after all these years of trying to gain weight but never got the result that I wanted, not even an inch. But thanks to your program I can't seem to thank you
enough, it sure does help me ALOT. See you later."

Kinh Nguyen, via email


In my first  week..I gained almost three quarters of an inch in my flexed measurement..."
"hey ,
I just started the program and it is incredible. For the first time I am looking forward to my workouts and wanting to work out as much as possible.

In my first 
week I was measuring my arm circumfrence..... the great news was that I gained almost three quarters of an inch in my flexed measurement....."

James Sagar, St. Louis

"I just wanted you to know that I am reading your emails, and they are helping me a lot.

Ronnie T., via email


My arms are already starting to grow!..."

You shead some light on what I need to do to gain mass..."
"I loved you e-book! It game me insight on things that I wasn't quite sure about while backing them up with hard evidence.

The information that, to me, was the most 'eye-catching' was probably the specific  workout routines, meaning the part telling me how to get the most out of my workout.

It has helped me already to get bigger. My arms are already starting to grow!

It feels great not having to spend money on that junk. A relief it is!

I sure does help to know that I have a personal trainer ready to answer my questions anytime.

You shead some light on what I need to do to gain mass......

Thanks a bunch."

Pete St. Pierre, Alberta, Canada


"After following the routine, I found that it’s more enjoyable.........it simply don’t stress  out your muscle and I can do more sets then before.  The results is extremely effective because I can finally feel my muscles being worked out and pumped after  a specific exercise everyday and having the energy to do more and more sets."

Tony Wong, via email

i think it is probably the most seansable, rewarding training i have ever tried..."

"dear JP,

for the last few months i have been reading your muscle gain newsletter and i think it is probably the most seansable, rewarding training i have ever tried.  i have even been tell others about it and explaining as you do, however they consider them self to know whats right (cos they read it in a fitness book)  i would just like to say thenks for sharing it really."

Michael Nugent, via email

"Your book is amazing.....it really opened my eyes from all the hype out there."

Calvin, ALberta, Canada

"it's been two weeks now and my arms have gotten 1/4" bigger, my chest.......just looking more defined".

Alberto Torres, Washington, U.S.A.

"It really means alot to me  that  u are able to take the time to talk to me , u being the busy man that u are, u have said basically all the things that i would want to hear........

I thank u for all the time u are taking out of ure schedule, it had seemed like nobody could give me a clear answer on what i am to do. Thank you for your time."

AJ Justin, via email

"I have to admit your Ebook is the most fascinating Ebook I have had the pleasure of reading."

I have purchased a great deal of ebooks online before. Unfortunately

their Ebooks did not work for me. The information that grabbed my attention was  the fact that you don't need to consume a hugh amount of protein or eat 8-10 meals  a day in order to achieve a ideal physique.

 I have also notice some strength increases and my endurance has increased as well......I admit I have saved some money since I have cut out some of the supplements and the food  I use to purchase on a regular basis........My grocery bill has also decrease a little bit to.
I am glad that I am able to e-mail you at anytime. You have been very helpful.....
Thank you and god bless."

David Sheets, Oregon, U.S.A.

"After 4 weeks of fat-burning, I can assure you that the method you describe is the best I've done so far for mainitaining muscle while losing fat."

Jay See, via email

"... I've tried everything out there and this is the best routine I've tried...I've made some great progress in only 3 weeks..."

"I just finished reading your e-book and I must admit I was very suspicious when I first came across your site.  After reading your book I was very impressed.

I plan on reading through the book again before I e-mail you with a few questions I have.  Just wanted to let you know I really liked your book and can't wait to start."

Matt Beaty, Washington, USA

update from Matt------------------------------

"Great program.  I've tried everything out there and this is the best routine I've tried.

I've made some great progress in only 3 weeks.

I wish I had known this earlier becuase I went out and bought a bunch of supplements right before reading your e-book.

This feature really sets you apart from other experts out there that have written e-books.

You respond quickly, sometimes within a few hours and you've been able to answer 
all my questions."


After two training sessions in the past 3 days I have found that my abs and whole body  is so much tighter than before..."
"A quick update, I am just getting used to eating more carbs and fat... again it is hard mentally to stop eating so much protein so it is kind of relearning everything again.

After two training sessions in the past 3 days I have found that my abs and whole body  is so much tighter than before...

I am 26 and figure this is primetime to add good muscle... I have always been on and  off with working out, and I have a lot of strength, I can bench 410 flat bench 3 times...

just don't have a lot of the muscle to show for it, and have been trying to figure out what  I did right when I was in college with a great muscular body back then...

well with your help and my memory, I ate a ton of good healthy carbs, brown rice, oats etc back then and never thought twice of eating a ton of protein before I starting reading a lot of magazines and forums, which was my downfall.

Oh and I hate MAX-OT now, and it is a lot of propganda, and a lot of the bodybuilding.com 
forums and other popular amateur forums are just filled with lets eat a ton of protein and  that is it... kinda sucks...

oh I was using max-ot too because of the supposely all natural

bodybuilding they follow.

Thanks for replying and I will follow the program to the tee.
thanks again"

Adam Chase, Massachusetts, USA

                   Today was my first day working out with your program and I really noticed a difference when looking in the mirror.. It felt kinda weird because my muscles felt tight and there was a significant difference in the size of my arms...

BUT I didnt feel weak/tired/sore
like i usually do with my old workouts..  Is this how every workout is supposed to feel???..
I got more defined but i didnt do anything.. *laugh*... "

Derrick, Texas, USA

"Dear JP,
                      I ordered your program on January 15, 2004.  I read through it and I am very impressed!  You outlined a lot if not all of the struggles that us hard-gainers have had to endure in order to gain quality muscle mass.

I have started to implement your program 
into my workout routine and although it is still early, I think that I am starting to see results.

These results are more based on the mirror than they are on the scale.
Thanks again for all your help!
Nuff' Respect,"

Corey Beckford, via email

"... I look forward to doing all my workouts now and it makes my adrenaline pump just thinking about it..."

"Dear JOn,
       I have been on the program for 2 weeks, and to be completely honest I haven't even done any of the nutrition stuff or measurements yet, but this is still the most extreme workout I have ever done.

It is amazing how I
feel, and now that I have started doing the nutrition and measurement stuff, I can feel my strength growing, even when I DON'T LIFT!

My muscles are
always pumped and expanding now and it feels amazing. I look forward to doing all my workouts now and it makes my adrenaline pump just thinking about it."

Cody Barlow, via email


gained about 6-7 pounds in about three weeks..."
"I just wanted to let you know that I have had some good success with your program  now.  I have probably gained about 6-7 pounds in about three weeks, and with your  program now, i don't have to worry about being able to take in enough calories.........

i'm so glad i found your site.  Thanks."

Darren, via email

wanted to say thanks for putting this info out...sounds like a good
workout.  I am a police officer from Lancaster, Ohio (about 3 hours south of you)...nice to talk to a fellow brother!  Talk with ya soon."

Adam, via email

"...I wish I had been exposed these secrets many years ago..."

went to dinner last week with my family and my friends family who haven't seen me in over 6 months, and they commented on how musclely I had become..."

she wanted to know everything I was doing and eating..."
"I have been walking after my workouts and I have dropped body fat from around my waist which is good.........I actually bought some supplements before  I ordered the ebook, so I am in
the process of finishing them because I want to get my money out of them instead of throwing them away.

But it feels good to know I never have to use that stuff again, its all about the calories.....

I am so grateful that you offer that service because when you

are making changes to your life it helps to have someone to talk to for encouragement and guidance to stick to the task at hand........

, I think your  ebook is great. I wish I had been exposed these secrets many years ago. Thank-you.

I will keep you updated on my progress.


Anthony Spykers, via email

update from Anthony-----------------------------------

"Hi ,

By the way I thought I would tell you that I went to dinner last week with my family and my friends family who haven't seen me in over 6 months, and they commented on how musclely I had become. It felt pretty good.

The mother of my friend did a personal training course and she wanted to know everything I was doing and eating.  Well, that is it. I went to your website and I saw my testimony about how I liked the ebook and how it helps me.

I thought I would add that  if there was someone who emails you thinking about buying your ebook and wanted to personally email a customer to verify their satisfaction of their purchase I am more than

 willing for a potential customer to email me.

I was originally 68kg, and now I am about
75kg with a lower body fat %.

I am very grateful for your support and information, so if 
I can help you out in any way just let me know. I won't give them details about what is
 in the ebook, all I will say how it changed my body and my confidence levels."
"Hey first off i wanted to say that i love your program.  Once i read about it on the web site i had to try it out.  I'm just into my 3rd week and i have noticed that i don't get sore the next couple days after my
workouts anymore and i get the great pump to my muscles with just short periods of rest in between sets."

Gabe Vega, Long Island, New York, USA

"... I feel this is the best way to lift. Plus, I stopped using the creatine and still have great lifts..."

"Thanks for the inspirational email. I have your e-book that I purchased and the youth I work with have been benefiting from this new method.

For 20 year sI did old school lifting with 8-10 reps. But this method I really like. At 46 years of age I feel this is the best way to lift. Plus, I stopped using the creatine and still have great lifts.


Dave Oakley, Michigan, USA


I can't believe it that someone has  finally chosen to tell the truth..."

"...Your theories seemed so contrary and opposite to the norm that it made it so intriguing..." 

I'm so relieved to hear someone like you taking the time to explain the truth, and it makes so much sense!..."

you're a savior to us skinny guys..."

"Dear John,

I would like to say thank you so much for your help! I can't believe it that someone has  finally chosen to tell the truth.

Your theories seemed so contrary and opposite to the norm that it made it so intriguing. 

Things like: not having to eat so goddamn much protein (what a hassle), and not having to lift so much weight  (70 lbs. hurts when you drop it on your toes) to the point of snapping your tendons.

I'm so relieved to hear someone like you taking the time to explain the truth, and it makes so much sense!

It's been so hard for me to gain weight, especially being 17 years

ld, at 6 feet and 155 lbs. I have always been taught (lied to) that by lifting a lot of weight, you will gain a lot of weight, what a lie!

I went from benching 125 lbs, to 195 lbs. with no weight gain, at all; it relates much to your own story. But, from what you have said about working out, I have gained 5 pounds already, in the first month, so it must be working!

Thanks a million man, you're a savior to us skinny guys"

Matt, via email


WOW what a godsend..."
"Not having to lift really heavy weights, no long workouts and eating sensible foods.

WOW what a godsend. I have been training for over fifty years on and off - I am 71 now and although I have made gains they have never been substantial -

I never really looked like a bodybuilder and the one system I have never really tried is one like yours.

I can hardly wait to get started."

Ron Kehoe, United Kingdom


"Hey johnathan,

Thanks so much for the emails. you really have some great points and they make sence.  and i also have a lot of respect for you because you have been emailing me info.

am more convinced about buying the program because you have made the extra effort to reach out and help me. not just
help yourself to my money. it is the service that sells the product, and the product that gets results."

Anaru Hardy, via email

"Thanks . I have successfully printed the e-book, and just
completed my first week of the program. I can already see a difference.
I know I'm on the right track and looking forward to training next week. In the past I always looked forward to rest days, but now I'm actually anxious to get back to the weights!

The price of the ebook is almost nothing compared to the money I've wasted over the years at GNC, choking down products like Cell-Tech Creatine and countless protein bars and powders. Thanks again, John S."

John S., via email





ROD PEIGHTAL, via email

"...your program is the most true to life..."

"First off, thank you  for even making this information accessible to 
someone like myself. I've been working out now for three years and in that time  I have seen some pretty good increses in size and strength.

But I always knew there was a way to make improvements and so far your program is the most true to life, easiest program to follow that I've ever seen.

It really makes it easier to work out
and diet without all the hassle.

Also when I read you were puerto rican (I am too)
it also made me proud to read on your success................

Thank you again and
wishes for continued success."

Deryk Martinez, Puerto Rico

"...My only comment is DO NOT change a thing..."

"Hello Jon,                                                 
Enjoyed your book because it is the TRUTH and as written the TRUTH shall set you free. Free from years of wasted effort and discouragement.

Enjoyed your book becuse it is to the point, the KISS method KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID.

Your book has helped me work out every day with the conviction that

I am finally doing something that will produce results and to think that
prisoners inspired this and not some so called muscle guru,and I don"t
have the almost crippling discomfort from heavy lifts.

I feel relieved for not having to spend a fortune for worthless kidney damaging supplements and mad at myself for what I already spent.

Being able to contact you as an on line trainer is invaluable and an encouragement in that I am not alone in my efforts.

My only comment is DO NOT change a
thing and God bless you and thank you for your great piece of work.

think a prisoner inspired all this and you and your work can be likened to RAMBO that came to rescue and set free...    all of us prisoners of the lies and confusion....   not to mention the pain of both physical, emotional and financial suffering .     

Thank  you,"

Bob Edwards, via email


After the first few workouts using your routine I was hooked..."
"I have enjoyed the eBook alot.  The ideas and practices contained in the book were a real eye-opener for me. I have been lifting for 3 years doing the conventional low reps, heavy weight routine.

After the first few workouts using your routine I was hooked.  I've enjoyed being able to get in and out of the gym quickly while still getting in a great workout. 

Though I have not emailed you with any questions, it is nice to know that I can contact you when I need to.

Thank you"

Andrew Rocheleau, via email


Your Training Methods, They Seemed To Go Against Everything I Had Ever Read Or Tried..."








"...made me aware of the mistakes that I have been making for over seven years now..."

helped me see gains in my body that I never say before..."

I have been on the program for only five weeks
now, and I get more compliements on body, than I did when I was spending
 two hours or more in the gym, and following the professional bodybuilders workouts and diets. These compliements truely made me a believer of your program..."

helping me create the body that I always wanted..."

"Hi  ,
My name is Dahren Allen, and I would like to truely thank you for your honest and accurate information on how to gain muscle mass. I must say that I was  truely happy with your ebook, not only was the information helpful, it has also made me aware of the mistakes that I have been making for over seven years now.

For I must thank you for the information you provide on calorie intake.

This section only has helped me see gains in my body that I never say before because I was trying to follow the diets of professional bodybuilders.

So, not only have I cut down on my protein intake, and saved alot of money by doing  so. I have also saved my liver from damage that to much protein intake could  cause, and I also like that I don't have to look like a fat slob while gaining this muscle thanks to your ebook.

I have been on the program for only five weeks now, and I get more compliements on body, than I did when I was spending

 two hours or more in the gym, and following the professional bodybuilders workouts and diets. These compliements truely made me a believer of your program, and now I'm suggesting it to all of my friends.

I would like to thank you for saving me from continuious years of useless work, and helping me create the body that I always wanted!

I wish you would take this program nationally, so that you could

save the lives of alot of people that have brought into the world of bodybuilding hype!!!"

Dahren Allen, via email


your one straight talking
guy. Your information hits the mark..."

THANK YOU so much for spelling it all out for the

average Joe..."
"Well,after reading your ebook I gotta say your one straight talking
guy. Your information hits the mark on so many facts which others don't explain as well as you do.

So,I have to say this- THANK YOU so much for spelling it all out for the

average Joe.The following quote says it all:

 .... a line from the film "LA Confidential", Danny DeVito's reporter
character says..".....Just the facts Jack!...just the facts.."

Well,you'll hear from me when I need some help on the programme.

All the best"

Paul Meares, Ireland

"Hey!! whatsup??, your ebook has helped me impresivelly, in just last
summer my weigth was 68 kg (without exersice), in just 1 1/2 weeks in
the gym from that day, my muscles recover their "gym memory" (74 kg). Right in my 3rd week i am in 76.5 kgs (8 kg in less than 3 week, also I reduced to 5% fat).

Thanks for your help!!"

Manuel Pereda, via email


I have gained 15 pounds..."
"HEY, whats really happening , though it is really hard for me to confess I have gained 15 pounds, it should have been more if i would of been eating correctly, and i already explained the football workouts to u, but i am glad, motivation has help me to move on and get the body i want. Thnks"

AJ, via email


"...I was very impressedYou
addressed everything down to the letter and didn't make it hard to follow..."

the book is written in what

can only be describe as good ol plain english fashion..."

Not a lot of other programs touch upon this and it's a shame..."

Can't say
enough about this.  I really liked this..."

"...I can't 

thank you enough for writting this..."

"Dear, JP,
          This is Paul Young.  I have read your ebook and would like to tell you what I thought about it.  I must say, I was very impressed.  You
addressed everything down to the letter and didn't make it hard to follow. 

This is due, no doubt, to the fact that the book is written in what

can only be describe as good ol plain english fashion.

 Diet:  It was such a relief to learn that I did'nt need to eat a lot of protein to build the body I want.  I must say, that personally, I've always had some trouble eating large quantities of meat.  It gets difficult for me to swallow all that chicken after a while.

I also liked learning that it isn't what a person eats that necessarily gets them fat, but how much of what they eat is what they need to be concerned with.

The Mind/Muscle Connection:  My favorit part of the program.  Not a lot of other programs touch upon this and it's a shame.  It's one of
the most important factors in building a  good looking, strong, healthy, body.  Not only does your course address the mind and it's importance to the body, but it also gives the reader ways to acquire a good mind set.  Can't say enough about this.  I really liked this.
I hope that what I have said really helps Mr. .  I enjoyed your book immensly, and am looking forward to incorporating your techniques and methods into my own training.  I can't 
thank you enough for writting this. 


Paul Jason Young, via email


I have found results following your program that I have never found with any other guidance or direction..."

I was hearing was that it

just made perfect sense..."
", first of all let me say that I have found results following your program that I have never found with any other guidance or direction.

The main thing that attracted me was the sense of honesty I heard in your testimonial. Instead of it sounding like a sales pitch, I found myself listening to what I was reading as though it

was just a regular guy sitting there talking to me.

The best way to describe why I liked what I was hearing was that it

just made perfect sense! After reading your very informative introduction, I decided that it was time to make a decision ( that I was ready to do what is necessaryto bring about the
change that I desired for myself), and I had to make it
possible(GET HELP!!)

 I have found myself suffering from the
usual self-inflicted drawbacks that have held me back from many long term goals in my life and you know what they are as you've mentioned them in your e-mails to me.  Take care & God bless"

Martin Walsh, via email

.....and many others!

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Also, I'm not going to act like you are some kind of idiot and try to fool you into reading a bunch of useless "bonus eBooks / reports" on how to make certain recipes or how to put 2 inches onto your arms in 3 weeks.  Please.  Spare me.   I'm not going to insult your intelligence.

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  • This program is not a "cookie-cutter", "one-size-fits-all" program.  Every other program out there tells everyone to do the exact same exercises, for the exact same muscle groups, regardless of who you are. This is wrong! We are all different. We all have different bone and muscular structures. We all have different genetics and pre-dispositions. We all have different endocrine and neuro-muscular systems. We all have different recuperative abilities.

  • An exercise that works great for one person may not be any good for another.  My program will teach you how to exactly figure out which particular exercise is best for each specific muscle for YOU.

  • This program is not full of hype and lies. You won't see any kind of "inflated facts and figures" like you find on other programs, who the authors just want you to eventually buy some supplement or equipment that they are selling or endorsing, or they just copy the information that's found in magazines (which don't work).

  • The information found in this program, as stated in the section above is DIFFERENT from everything else out there (re-read some my testimonials, and you'll see).

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  • This program was developed by me, a Firefighter and Paramedic, not some guy in a lab coat that has probably never lifted a weight in his life. As I'm sure you know, the job of a Firefighter requires you to be in shape, to have strength and endurance......it is a must, not just a choice. Firefighters are constantly having to train and meet strict physical fitness requirements, or else you cannot continue in this carreer!

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muscle building and weight gain

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How To Gain Weight & Build Muscle Mass Naturally


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